Photo by Kathleen Frank Photography

Who are we?

We are warriors of worth, no longer waiting for our value to appear, or wallowing in an unreal emptiness.  We are no longer filling up temporarily on sex and skin and makeup and clothes.  We are aware of the fatality that accompanies living in our pasts.  And we know that we cannot be made whole by the things that break us.

We are free.

And we are full.

We are overflowing with joy in knowing who we are, and brimming with peace that there is a plan specifically in place for every one of us.  That plan includes acute awareness of the beauty we possess, both inside and out, and cultivating the bravery and gentleness necessary to show others the value that already exists within them.

Why the name?

The word “lionheart” describes someone who is brave, fearless.  We believe it takes courage to find and know your true worth, especially after people or experiences have taught you that you possess none.  Furthermore, it requires a lionheart to show others their value, thus spreading the courage.

We’ve taken the name a step further by changing the spelling of “heart” to “hart”—another name for a deer.  The deer represents grace and gentleness, which we believe are traits of a woman who is confident in her worth and what she has to offer the world.  When bravery and fearlessness, grace and gentleness combine, it’s an unstoppable combination for overflowing in love.

What do we do?

Take a look around. Learn more about our purpose, the people we love, events we host, and how you can be involved. Above all, we want to see you recognize and own your inherent worth, and show other women in your life how valuable they are as well. We are not meant to go through this life alone, and we all have a role to play.

Be brave, be gentle. Know your worth and speak the truth.