Belief Statement

At Lionhart, we individually hold to the belief that each of us was created for a purpose by a perfect God, and that He’s instilled immense worth inside all of us.

But maybe you’ve been hurt by the Church or someone who belongs to it. Maybe you’ve been deceived by those who call themselves Christians. Maybe you’ve never known religion or don’t care for it at all.

We’re not here to tell you what religion to believe in—we’re here to show you that you are valuable and loved no matter what you believe.

You were born with immense worth and beauty, both in your physical appearance and inside your soul. There is a stunning heart pulsating within the cavity of your chest that feels and swells and lightens, and it does not make you too much or not enough. You, individually, were woven together to play a role in this world that no one else can fill.

Remember that you are not the deceptions that flood your mind late at night when your head hits the pillow. You are the hope that comes with the sunrise in those early hours when better seems possible. It seems so often that we as women can fall into patterns of denying our self-worth or looking to others to validate who we are, and no matter what highs or lows those habits throw us into, they are never really long-term truths.

So don’t believe the lies that are making a home in your heart.

There is nothing wrong with you.

You are not something to be “put up with”.

Hold close to you the details of the story you are living. Breathe in deeply the peace that comes with knowing there is a plan for you, far better than any you could have dreamed for yourself.

Be brave, be gentle. Know your worth, speak the truth, and spread the courage.