Frequently Asked Questions

Why the name?

The word “lionheart” describes someone who is brave, fearless.  We believe it takes courage to find and know your true worth, especially after people or experiences have taught you that you possess none.  Furthermore, it requires a lionheart to show others their value, thus spreading the courage.

We’ve taken the name a step further by changing the spelling of “heart” to “hart”—another name for a deer.  The deer represents grace and gentleness, which we believe are traits of a woman who is confident in her worth and what she has to offer the world.  When bravery and fearlessness, grace and gentleness combine, it’s an unstoppable combination for overflowing in love.

Who runs Lionhart?

We’re just a team of gals and guys who love to love.  Have a talent you’d love to share with us? Interested in helping out? Email us at!

What’s the deal with the posters?

Whether it’s for your bedroom wall or a friend’s, you can purchase one (or more!) of our Lionhart posters as a reminder of your value and worth every day that you wake up.  Even better, with every poster you purchase, we’ll send a note of encouragement to a woman of your choice!  Just be sure to leave us her name & address in the notes section while making your purchase on Storenvy.

Is Lionhart a religious organization?

While the individuals on our team are mostly Christians, Lionhart itself is not a religious organization.  God’s love for us is the driving force behind the formation and continuation of this organization, but it’s important to us to make it clear that this love doesn’t discriminate against anyone.  You can read our Belief Statement here to dive a little deeper.

Can I write for your blog?

We love posting stories from different women in our community about how they discovered their worth.  If you’d like to share your story on our blog, email it to us at and we’ll be in touch!